Daily Dose 9/26/2017

“We  need to participate in democracy in between elections by building powerful social movements that hold our elected officials accountable and put the needs of our communities front and center. Fighting to win real change means growing movements person by person and community by community. We have to build power by building a robust base of members; developing and supporting leaders; forming and supporting coalitions; and waging strategic campaigns to win real change,”

-M. Dove Kent in How Our Fear can be Turned into a Powerful Movement


Daily Dose 9/25/2017

“We love to say, ‘Never again.’ Well, never again means never again. Never again means never again! We are put on this planet with a purpose. We are now alive in a moment of history that will show us what that purpose is. Have hope. Do not fear. Okay, fear- but do not let fear paralyze you,”

-Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum in Post-Election Sermon given Nov 11, 2016

Daily Dose 9/23

“Climate change comes with a time limit, which is why senior scientists last week were saying that if Trump carries through with his wager, it might be ‘game over.’ If he loses his bet, he will have cost us the last years in which we might have made a real difference,”

-Bill McKibben in Donald Trump is Betting Against All Odds on Climate Change

Daily Dose 9/21

“Dr. King reminds us, too often ‘wait means never,’  and your journey [to becoming ‘woke’] may cost someone their citizenship, their religious freedom, or their life … it is your responsibility to know, see, and urgently help dismantle a supremacy that creates winners and losers through complicated, shrouded rules built on a basic desire to preserve power,”

-Brittany Packnett in White People: What is Your Plan for the Trump Presidency?

Daily Dose 9/20

“I want you to keep telling yourself: ‘THIS IS NOT NORMAL. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. THIS IS NOT NORMAL.’ Repeat until it sinks to the deepest of your core. The minute you decide this is normal, this is just how it is, the minute you decide that appointing a white supremacist to one of the highest, most influential positions in the White House (and a long list of them follows, and I don’t mean Trump)- that is the minute that you give up. Stay vigilant. Stay focused. Stay OUTRAGED,”

-Linda Sarsour in The Ultimate Wake-Up Call

Daily Dose 9/19

“…the difference between issues governed by opinion and those governed by fact. If you don’t think poor people should get subsidized medical care, that’s ugly, but it’s an opinion you’re entitled to hold. Science isn’t like that: the heat-trapping properties of the carbon dioxide molecule simply are. Which is why, even if we fail in our efforts to stop Trump from making his bet [on climate change], it’s important for history to note what’s going on. One man is preparing to bet the future of the planet in a long-shot wager against physics,”

-Bill McKibben in Donald Trump is Betting Against All Odds on Climate Change

Daily Dose 9/18

“The values that unite our communities are not in conflict; they’re intertwined … As we confront the threats that could undo decades of work toward equality, we have to gin up our courage, damn the bullies and blowhards, and demand that leadership celebrate women and girls,”

-Ilyse Hogue in Now is the Time to Double Down on Women’s Leadership

Daily Dose 9/16

“To characterize overt xenophobia as ‘nativism’ is not only laughable but dangerous. When we refuse to acknowledge the failings of our forebears, we not only perpetuate ignorance, but we also strengthen the inherent oppression, thus cementing the same systems at which we continue to chip away centuries later,”

-Ilhan Omar in We are All Emigrants