Daily Dose 8/31/17

“[…] for a long time, conservatives have been saying that entitlement and victimhood are the specialty of the left. This is how Middle Eastern dictators justify their corruption and the impoverishment of their people- the Israelis are to blame for it. This is how Robert Mugabe keeps Zimbabwe on its knees- the West is responsible. For the Russians, who want only peace and love, the Americans are to blame. If you believe in American exceptionalism […] you can see: we’re not so exceptional, after all,” Boris Fishman


Daily Dose 8/24/17

“Undocumented Mexicans and Central Americans are the 21st Century Negro running from Juan Crow. They are children separated from their parents not by the auction block but by the Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) block. I use this language not to rank oppressions but to make connections; to help you; my reader, to ‘feel’ the weight of it, the wrong of it, the black of it,” Cherrie Moraga